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Bikes provide fun and enjoyment while also helping to keep us healthy. and there also cheaper to run than a car and better fot the planet,

so i made a decision to follow my dreams of being my own boss, hello bike fix. I am therefore able to bring you my comprehensive and expert advice, knowledge of the latest trends and accessories in the world of cycling, and expert assessment of the pros and cons of specific machines. All this is channelled into helping you make the right choice when it comes to riding your bike.

I employ only specialists who can offer you a professional service that i would give and expect . our expert mechanics will get your bike going again, carry out repairs and help you with any other problems you may have. 


About me, my name is John, i have been in the cycle industry for over 28 years, I worked at J C Cooks for 14yrs until i decided to start up my own business doing mobile cycle repairs as there is no one in the area that offers this service. 

I have seen many cars rewened with oil on the seats, pedals ripping seats, walking 3 miles to be told "sorry were busy"

Now theres no need to worry as i will come to you.








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